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Supporting local business

If you are based in Bracknell Forest, the e+ directory is a great opportunity to promote your business and services to over 80,000 e+ cardholders. It costs nothing to participate except your commitment to any offers you publish including short term and seasonal promotions. Your offers, details of your business and links to website & social media accounts will be published online.

Registering as an account manager

Only a person with authority to agree and promote any published offer or incentive can register the account on behalf of a Bracknell Forest business. The person registering the business must provide their name, position, direct phone line and email contact details - these are for council use only and will not be published.

The registered account and any offers will be managed via online secure login using the email address and password set up by the registered account manager. If the registered account manager details need to be changed please contact the e+ team.

Registering your business details for publication

On the Registration Form fill out the company name, address, phone and email details then write a short description explaining and promoting what your business offers.

You can include web and social media links and upload a promotional image. This information will be linked to all your current offers and can be updated

Setting up offers

Select a suitable category for each offer then choose an appealing title and explain what you are offering. Choose a start date and set an expiry date on a seasonal or short term deal or leave the expiry date blank for long term offers

Once an offer is posted, the e+ Team will be advised so it can be approved for publication. You can update an existing offer

A few suggestions:

  • Use e+ offers to promote what your business is about
  • Set up e+ discounts for particular days and times you want more custom
  • Run multiple e+ offers which appeal to different customer groups
  • Offer 2 for 1 or bring-a-friend e+ deals
  • Offer increased discounts for higher value sales
  • Regularly update your offers to keep them fresh

Terms and Conditions For Businesses

e+ Terms and conditions for businesses (link to PDF)


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